1. Single Mama
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Didn't get a wink of sleep last night
Another cup of coffee 'n I'll be alright
Another paper due today
So I couldn't skip class anyway
Drop one at school and the others in daycare
Poor little darlin', Mommy can't stay there
Say yes ma'am, have fun, and get dirty
I'll be back around 5:30

School is out, now doctor, dentist,
Grocery store, moving down a mile long list
Damn this house is still a wreck
But I've got to deposit my check
And pay these bills before there are late fees
Did I just hear the baby sneeze
It's a mite chilly in that bedroom
Will their dad pay child support soon?

I'm made of steel, bear'd down white knuckles
There isn't room for me to buckle
No time for fun, and no need for drama,
All battle scars of a single mama

Got their hair cut and their fingernails clipped
Homework, dinner, bath, story-time trip,
Clean pj's, brushed teeth, and in bed
And kiss 'em goodnight on their cool foreheads
Collapse on the couch and glance in the kitchen
That must be a mountain of dishes
Use toothpicks to prop open my eyes
There's a test I have to study for tonight


And it all pays off in the end
When the babies start to raise their kids
'Cause they'll have learned what real love is
You're made of steel with bear'd down white knuckles
There isn't room for you to buckle
Make time for fun, and don't feed the drama
Hats off to you, single mama.